2019 IT Award
디지털 웹사이트 부문

2019 & AWARD

Website Design
Corporation Identity

Project of
Reactive Website
Coreintive _ _ Core in Creative

We want each project
to contain its meaning.
That is our Belief.
And based on it.
We have built our Website.

UXUI Concept

Symbol consists
of two parts.
Core and Containing.

Creative Space 브랜드 코어를 담아내는 창작 공간
Unique circle pattern 브랜드 마다의 고유한 코어

We hoped to convey
our symbolic meanings.

So we Embodied our Concept
Throughout the Design
of our Website.

grid Full Frame

Support All Screens
to deliver Exactly
what we want
to show on all devices.

Typeface 001
SF UI Display
  • Thin
  • Medium
  • Bold
Typeface 002
  • Thin
  • Medium
  • Bold

All of our projects are
Alive and Unique.
The reason is that
we capture the values
that each brand has.

Each project have a Core

We all have our own cores.
I wonder about you and
your brand core.

We have enough
ability to design yours.

What Is Your Core?

In Creative works!

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