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The name Coreintive was developed as an abbreviation of "Core in Creative." Beyond merely a design agency that seeks aesthetic, our mission is to identify the core values of client companies and to integrate them into convincing brand designs.
This will is shown through the logo and slogan of Coreintive. In order to visualize the concept idea of containing in the logo, the last letter of the wordmark was mirrored to form a bracket together with the first letter. And the core, which is in that, is patterned to convey the meaning of the original core of each brand client. Coreintive's slogan is that "we generate core in creative works." That hardens the will mentioned above, and show our attitude and mindset toward clients.

Understanding services a brand provides, a way the brand looks at the world and a strategy of how to convey them are needed to let the brand communicate with the world. Our process for this proceeds with communicating deeply with clients, considering inside and out, doing a great deal of research, creative imagination. Firstly, we give shape to directions the brand views and found the brand's identity through varied eyes and questions such as potential, intrinsic, expandable, immanent, integrated  characters that the brand has. Based on that, we put the brand's original core into the language of design, and we complete brand communication design to let communicate with the world.

  • 2019 Reddot Design
    Award Winner
  • 2019 K-Design
    Award Winner
  • 2020 German Design
    Award Winner
  • 2019 Good Design
    Award Winner (Japan)
  • 2019 Good Design
    Award Winner (Chicago)
  • 2020 Asia Design Prize
    Grand Prize

브랜드가 지닌 가능성, 고유성, 확장성, 내재성, 통합성 등의 다각화한 시선과 물음을 통해 브랜드가 바라보는 방향성을 구체화하고 브랜드의 아이덴티티를 정립합니다.
이를 토대로 브랜드 고유의 코어를 담아 브랜드가 세상과 소통할 수 있게 브랜드 아이덴티티 디자인을 구축합니다.

Essential Core Values
  • Potential
  • Intrinsic
  • Expandability
  • Immanence
  • Integrity
BRAND CORE Core of Clients

코어인티브의 Corporate Identity Design은 C, O, E 총 3가지의 모티프 언어를 바탕으로 이루어집니다.
심볼의 C와 E가 선과 면으로 조합된 모티프 타입 A. 그리고 O을 활용한 타입 B가 합쳐져 Motif Generate의 핵심 조합이 됩니다.

Symbol Motif
C + O + E
Type A 심볼의 C와 E를 활용한 경우
Motif 01 _ Shape
  • Line
  • Surface
Type B 심볼의 O를 활용한 경우
Motif 02 _ Pattern Generate
  • Potential가능성
  • Intrinsic고유성
  • Expandability확장성
  • Immanence내재성
  • Integrity통합성
  • Motif 01 _ Shape
  • Motif 02 _ Pattern Generate
  • Motif 01 _ Shape
  • Motif 02 _ Pattern Generate

코어인티브의 아이콘은 크리에이티브 업무와 휴식 공간에서 코어인(人)들이 마주하는 환경과 상황에 대한 이해를 도와 그 기능을 수행합니다.
뿐만 아니라 코어인티브와 교류하는 클라이언트-파트너들에게 코어인티브의 아이덴티티를 효과적으로 전달할 수 있는 긍정적인 디자인 커뮤니케이션 역할을 합니다.

Default Guideline
1. C Line
2. E Line
3. Open Line
Icon Example
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